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Salad Bars

People eat with their eyes

...never has a statement been so true as the merchandising and presentation of self serve salad bars.

Our salad bars are always bespoke to meet the needs of our clients, the store/restaurant enviroment and the food product to suit the region or country. From the smallest island salad bar, to some of the largest salad and juice bars in the world, there is no challenge that we would fail to meet.

Whether these need to be island, stand alone, wall front feed units, or built into a counter run, we have a vast experince of all options around the world. Almost any external finish our clients require can be supplied, be it, granite, marble, veneer, laminate, corian or simply stainless finishes.

We offer a multitude of merchandising options whilst maximising the payloads of products. Remote or Integral options, in baiscally any shape and finish to suit our clients and your customers.

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