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Hot, Ambient and Chilled Food Counters

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In the development stage of our hot food counters our philosophy is that these need to offer your customer, big bright windows of fresh hot food without them having to prepare there own for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

With floor space in store a premium cost, we have developed a two tier range allowing maximum merchandising in the minimum of space. Sliding tray systems to the lower level allow easy access for the operators. Cross merchandisers and heavy duty bump rails are optional, as are tray slides, till stands, bag holder and utensil holders.

In stores with limited space for the operators collapsible shelves can be fitted to the rear of the counters, allowing them to be lowered at quieter and cleaning times.

Matching chilled two tier units can be multiplexed and hot carvery stations could be added if additional theatre is desired.

For our clients that actually require less merchandising space, then single tier units in both square or curved profile are available. All can be multiplexed to give an even counter run.

Should particularly busy stores opt for self serve options, then our multidecks can be multiplexed to our counters, an example of this can be seen in our modular section.

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